Old pottery library

Old pottery library was established for study of “old Shigaraki”.
We would like to have you know “Shigaraki” deeply widely.
So, opened to the public.


Jomon, Yayoi earthenware and sueki ware

Tile in Shigarakinomiya and nail

Big jar in “old Shigaraki” which is the origin of the Shigaraki ware.
(Kamakura middle to Edo beginnings)

pottery pieces which mined from each old kiln trace.

Big tea urn and BUKU made of climbing kiln (Edo Period)
Product by glaze of a warmed sake sake bottle, a teapot and a train earthen teapot(Meiji Period)
Master craftsman’s work in Shigaraki which starts with Rijuro (first Naokata)
(Showa early stage from Bakumatsu)